Thursday, July 26, 2012

The dollar secret for sensational hair

photo by froggybaby76
photo by asrclub
What do Pizza, Salad, Eggs, Dumplings have in common? I'll give you a hint. It's a one syllable word that begins with 'O' and ends with 'L'. That's right, you got it. Oil. More specifically, olive oil, fat obtained from the olive. We know of its uses in cooking, but have you ever thought that there is a hair care aspect of this amazing sauce? Not only is olive oil a great part of your crunchy dumplings, but it can revitalize your hair like ocean waves. Let's find out how.

Monday, July 23, 2012

How to fight off an alligator

photo by vbigler5
On July 10, 2012, a 17-year old boy was swimming in the Caloosahatchee River when an 11-foot alligator leapt up and took his right arm just underneath the elbow. Read the full story for more details. What a tragic event. Often, these things come out of the blue and there is no preparation, but here are some tips for you. Hopefully they help.

Monday, April 18, 2011

All about the ups and downs

So it's finals week, and the library is no longer the quietest place on campus...but I like it for a change. It feels good to feel popular ;)

just kidding, I don't spend all my days in the really. But I do spend a lot of time thinking what is going on with my life! I'm graduating in 3 days, hold a solid GPA, been saving a lot of money, hang out with my buddies, enjoy a date here and there, and go to Church every week. But that's the past. Whatever happens next is a surprise, a mystery. It's dark up ahead and that kinda scares me.

It's almost like jumping off a cliff, not knowing if there are rocks, sharks, jellyfish, snakes...
I don't know where to go to med school. I don't know even if I want to do med school. Should I go into investment banking? I don't know where to live. I don't know who to marry...All these things, I don't know. But

"My beloved brothers and sisters, fear not," said President Thomas S. Monson. "Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith."

So, I'm trying to be faithful. Things will work out...

For all those kids not knowing what to do, hesitating, my friend Kevin and I have a lesson for you. HELICOPTER GAME!!! You are a helicopter and have to navigate treacherous obstacles. If you run into anything, it's game over. Hard? yes. But here's the secret, if you don't hesitate, if you go all out with everything you've got, you'll win.

Check it out. See if you can beat my score ;) I dare you. BEST: 764 BABY!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Final Reflection of Honors 202

My first day in Honors 202 was full of surprises and questions. Being introduced to blogging and digital culture at the same time, being invited to consume, create, and connect, and being challenged to find online sources that could be better than the professor's material were all new concepts to me. I mean, "self-directed learning"? What kind of class is this? However, my views on this class have drastically changed over the past semester. From this class, I not only learned about historical concepts, but also actively integrated these concepts in my daily life through digital culture. I am excited to share with you a few of my last thoughts about this class.


Sometimes, planning group meetings can be as complicated as the project itself. Members often have conflicting schedules, random emergencies, and secret agendas. However, through the use of googlecalendar, all these things can be remedied.

CONSUME- Academic Research
Many times, our first source of information is Google or Wikipedia. While these sources offer quick, brief, and convenient answers, deeper and more detailed information can be found elsewhere. Where else can we find information on the internet? Dr. Burton shares some valuable information sources on his blog "Ten ways out of the Google or Wikipedia rut". Also, I discovered another wonderful presentation on how to more effectively find information. Another source of information I want to share is the BYU Library!

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Start of Something New

I can't say it any better. The end of this semester and specifically, the end of Honors 202 is only the beginning of something new! Coming into this class, I did not have a blog, did not know how to create and manage websites, and did not truly understand the impact history had on my everyday life. I had fallen into a rut of memorizing and regurgitating materials, getting A's, but not really applying principles into my life. Honors 202 has changed that.
Attending this class has been a magnificent journey. Full of sharing ideas, making connections, networking, research, and hands-on-experience. I saw many class principles in daily life. Principles such as mormonism, capitalism, romanticism, and science all came alive.
The greatest thing about this experience is that I LEARNED how to apply digital tools and civilization concepts to my life. Here are some examples. These might apply to you :)